Who We Are

KAIÓ FIIT is the fun fitness solution for every BODY

When we came up with the concept for KAIÓ FIIT, we wanted to create a place where everyone could come and get a complete exercise Experience. Everything we do starts with programming, which is where the FIIT difference is most evident. Each workout is specifically designed to test you in a different way each day while allowing for active recovery in other areas. This allows our customers to workout multiple days in a row, with a lower risk of injury from overtraining. Come experience what it is like to actively run on our Skillmills, and train through an hour of our Functionally Intense Interval Training (FIIT). Come experience the FIIT difference today!

What Makes Us Different

Our state-of-the-art studio was designed to empower you to have the best workout possible within our walls. We have fancy lighting and loud music, but what really makes us different is in the workout. From the curved decks of the self-propelled Skillmills with a resistance option, the HeartRate monitoring system, to the unique weight implements and water rowers, everything in the space has a purpose. FIIT classes are excellent for clients looking to push themselves. Our group classes focus on building power, endurance, and strength in a supportive and motivating environment. We incorporate principles of sustainable training with different objectives and varying workouts daily so that you maximize your training (even up to 6 days/classes per week) while minimizing your risk of injury. 

Our gym is run by dedicated individuals who are invested in your success. We want you to excel, and it’s our goal to help you reach your fitness goals.

We offer memberships package options so you get the most out of your workout AND for your money.

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