The fun fitness solution for every body

KAIÓ FIIT is your complete fitness solution where you will experience the FIIT Difference with our functionally intense interval training class. We make sweating exhilarating in our state-of-the-art studio and performance tracking feel like a game with live-time heart rate monitoring during each workout.  Our FIIT method allows you to get a different workout every day while lowering the risk of injury or overtraining. Experience the FIIT difference today!


We have a workout for every body. Our FIIT classes are designed for people who want to push themselves and enjoy the process. Step into our studio and feel the energy invigorate you and the music motivate you until you drip sweat. 

Our 60-minute trainer-led workouts are meant to be sustainable so that you can do something different every day, with a lower risk of injury or overtraining and get the most out of your time in the studio. 


Our memberships are made to fit you. KAIÓ FIIT is your one-stop fitness solution. We offer an Unlimited Membership that has unlimited potential because you could come almost every day and get a different workout than you did the day before.

We also offer monthly memberships and class packs for those that like flexibility with their fitness.


If you’re trying to turn your body into the best machine it can be, you’ll need the best tools of the trade to do so. At KAIÓ FIIT, you will find the best equipment with programs designed around exercise science.

  • Heart Rate Monitoring and Live-Time Performance Tracking
  • Skillmill Treadmills and Water Rowers
  • Suspension Training
  • Weight Training using Kettlebells, Slam Balls, Sandbags, and Powerblock Dumbbell System


Powered by kilocalories (meaning it’s man-powered by YOU), the Skillmill treadmill is the first of its kind, training all of the body’s energy systems with a single solution including sprinting, power, agility, and stamina for efficient metabolic condition and one killer workout.

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